" A Night in Vegas "
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada




The video features the Navman's new car and personal navigators with four short viniettes showing people of all ages driving around town worry-free with the use of the Navman systems.

Director: Michael Mihail

Location: Los Angeles, CA



Description: 1171 produced a spot for Toyota`s new campaign. The spot shows a day of a LA street in few seconds, though it was shot in real time for 24 hours.

Director: Koichiro Mikuriya (pictured before the shooting)

Location: Los Angeles, CA



Lux - Super Rich

Description: starring Catherina Zeta-Jones

Director: Dick Marks

Location: Pasedena, CA

Sankyo - "Press"

Description: starring Nicholas Cage


Location: San Marino, CA

Sankyo - "Fever"

Description: starring Nicholas Cage


Location: San Marino, CA

"Anti-Piracy" Public Service Annoucement

Description: This anti-piracy PSA was shot to show the consequences of illegal music downloading on the internet. Billions of songs are being pirated every day and it is important to understand the magnitude of this frenzy. The PSA was shot for Universal / Motown Records in New York City. Only one day and a small crew was able to complete this project, but it takes time and effort from many people to stop illegal music downloading.

Director: Cousin Mike

Location: Van Nuys


Description: Image Video for Webcast. Spunka plans its fun and educational classes with similar age-group attendees in mind. Our classes are portioned into two age groups: mid 20’s — mid 30’s & mid 30’s — mid 40’s. Students can attend classes and interact with other people within their age groups. Spunka’s goal is to truly revolutionize the way adults perceive recreational classes and vacations by making them more engaging and enjoyable. The company’s instructors & event moderators have dynamic personalities that foster creativity in a team-building and educational atmosphere.

Director: Kurt T. Jones

Location: Los Angeles

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