" Beautiful Souls " directed by Imelda Graces

As three fellow-travellers await execution in a Thai prison for
drug-smuggling, their need to come to terms with one another
and themselves, is a race against time.

Starring Emma Dean, Luke Wright and Jake Robards

" Infamy " directed by Doug Pray

Infamy is an intense journey into the lives, minds, and families of seven individuals obsessed with graffiti. In one profile, cameras follow Los Angeles legend Saber by night as he dangles on the supports of a billboard hovering twenty stories up, and by day into the city's Museum of Natural History, where he has a large exhibition. Director Doug Pray describes his subjects as "intensely passionate individuals, incredibly talented at destroying surfaces with spray paint, and they all dislike cameras - what more could you ask for in a subject?" For more information visit www.1171.com/infamy.


" Unbroken " directed by Brad Furman

All times it has been a director's challenge to deal with matters that are strictly hushed up in our society. Would you know it? 61% of sexual assaults are never reported and sexual harassments happen every three minutes here in the United States. The short film, "Unbroken," awakens us with a heart breaking reality of this very fact.   It focuses on a sexual abuse victim (played by Rachel Bilson, also known as Summer Roberts in the hit TV show, "The O.C.") who tries to put her life back together the morning after.



" The Stranger " directed by Brad Furman


Xander Berkeley .... Charly
Steve Guttenberg .... The Stranger
Pat Healy .... Mr. Seville
Dylan Smith .... Sean Hathaway
Shana Sosin .... Becky Hathaway (as Shana Betz)

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