Oct. 1, 2008

Beautiful Souls

We are excited to announce that the shortfilm Beautiful Souls is now finished. Screening is coming up soon.


Jun. 25, 2008

Paul Andresen

We are excited to announce that Paul Andresen is a part of our directing team! Andresen has worked on Projects for bands as Metalica and Van Halen. 1171 is looking forward to work with Andresen on upcoming projects. Andresen, welcome on board!

Paul Andresens 's works can be watched at www.pmapictures.com


Jun. 10, 2008


1171 shot a live preformance in Los Angeles for the upcoming artist Hodges, who has a new release 9/08 on Rob Thomas' Rtel/ Epic label.

Emin in NYC

May 13-14, 2008


1171 production group pulled down another music video for the singer Emin. This time it was shot in New Yersey/ New York and it was for the single "Stick together". Once again Paul Coy Allen directed it.

May 1, 2008

Jamies Elsewhere

1171 produced a music video for the rock band Jamies Elsewhere who is coming out with a new album may 27. 1171's new director Tod Waters directed it.



Apr. 3-4,  2008


1171 production group went to Palm Springs to shoot a new music video for the russian singer Emin. It was for the song "Make the world". Directed by Paul Coy Allen.


Mar. 20 2008


1171 production group shot a new music video for pop singer Naama 's new single "Leave me".

Feb 2008

Alexandre Kinn

Tue. 20 Nov 2007

Bryan Hawn




Oct 2007

De Novo Dahl

Wed. 24 oct 2007

Sound of Truth

As I lay dying is pulling down a new music video with our director Brian Thompson. This time for the song Sound of Truth on their new album "An Ocean Between Us".This is the continuing of the music video "Nothing left", which were very well recieved and was on the top ten most demanded videos on Music Choice in september.

Wed. 3 sep 2007

Music Choice

The 1171 production group has done it again. Two of our music videos
directed by Brian Thompson are on the top ten list of most demanded videos
on Music Choice.




We are proud to announce that our video for t.A.T.u won for best video both the MTV Russian Music Awards and the MUZ-TV Awards.










Thu. 20 Sep 2007

Beautiful Souls

1171 produced a shortfilm about three prisoner's last houers in life. This was filmed in a antique jail in Los Angeles.




The production team of 1171.

Photo by Michelle Paulsen

Sep. 2007

Madina Lake

Music video directed by Brian Thompson. The video was shot in Chicago.


Sep. 2007

Evergreen Terrace

Director Brian Thompson of 1171 Production Group has just completed
a new music video for the rock group Evergreen Terrace. It was shot in the band's hometown Jacksonville, Florida.

Jul. 21 2007

As I lay dying

Yet again 1171 pulled down another video with director Brian Thompson. This time with the hard rock band As I lay dying.

Killswitch Engage

Jun 16-17 2007

Killswitch Engage

This is Killswitch Engage as you have never before seen them. Directed by our Brian Thompson.

Fri. 25 May 2007

Shrek 3 soundtrack video

Jarett Belucci directs new video of Geffen recording artist Trevor Hall on Santa Monica Pier. The song "Other Way's" is featured in the soundtrack of the movie Shrek 3. Belucci is also a contestant on the new Fox reality show "On the Lot".


Tue. 22 May 2007

1171 signed new director

1171 Production Group is excited to announce that Paul Coy Allen has joined our directing team. Allen is a creative, open minded and a well experienced director and producer. He has worked with well known producer Timbaland. He co-directed the video Give it to me, featuring Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake, and Timbalnd himself. In January 2007, Allen directed a 19 minute video montage for the Grammy winning producer’s stage performance during Justin Timberlake’s current “Future, Love, Sex Sound” tour. 1171 is looking forward to work with Allen on upcoming projects. Allen, welcome on board!



Tue, 21 Nov 2006

Claw interviewed by Complex Magazine

Claw, one of the featured graffiti artists in Infamy, was featured in the Oct/Nov issue of Complex Magazine.

Long ago, on a wall near you, it was written. Though graffiti is nothing new, few nonwriters understand why artists continually risk imprisonment, fines, and violence to leave a mark, especially when graf has gone from illegal activity to an often lucrative form of expression. Doug Pray's insightful 2005 film, Infamy, follows six prolific American graffiti artists (Claw, Toomer, Saber, Jase, Earsnot, and Enem) and examines their motivations. For the film's DVD release, Complex discussed the project with Claw, the 37-year-old Queens-born graf writer, fashion designer, author, and self-proclaimed "middle-class Jewish girl". Peep her mind spray.

Complex: Given the risks, why do you do graffiti?

Claw: When you've had an insecure, difficult adolescence, you can use graffiti to work out of that. It's a way to prove your existence. It's attention-seeking.

Complex: Has showing your face and bombing on film caused problems with the police?

Claw: They arrested [one artist] because of the film, and they were screaming my name, but they haven't come out yet.

Complex: Can they use the film against you?

Claw: They have to prove where, when, why. How are they going to prove anything? Could've been a set...

Complex: Have you been arrested for graffiti?

Claw: I've gotten arrested three times. I've been caught writing graffiti probably over 20, and talked my way out of it.

Complex: Being female must help with that.

Claw: You just don't think "graffiti writer" when you see a girl. When you're bombing with a guy, you just look like a couple. In the early '90's, before they caught on that we were all stealing spray cans, they weren't expecting me to clean out all the Rust-Oleum in the little mom-and-pop hardware stores wearing a dress and a purse.

Complex: Has being female hindered you?

Claw: I've thrown down, had bottles broken on my head, [but generally] when you have beef, it becomes your crew's beef, because no one's gonna let me fight a dude.

Complex: How has bombing changes since you started in the late 80's?

Claw: Now, if somebody looks at you, they could be calling the police [on a cell phone]. You have to be much more stealth.

Wed, 15 Nov, 2006

XXL reviews Infamy in the December issue

Graffiti often take s a backseat to the other three elements of hip-hop culture, sometimes getting ignored by the mainstream and the underground alike.  However, true purists view graffiti the same way Archbishop Don "Magic" Juan views pimpin': as a religion, a way of life that very few understand.

Infamy takes us deep into the world of street art and documents the lives of seven taggers.  Revered figures such as Earsnot (the gay Black tagger who has more respect than most straight White taggers), Claw (the woman who uses a claw symbol to leave her mark), Toomer (the Chicano who feels he's ready to die for his art) and Saber (the White boy who everybody thought was Black, Latino, or Asian because of how nice was) break down how and why graffiti is their drug and therapy.  From the reaction of family members to the consequences paid for leaving their mark in the wrong places, Infamy touches all bases.

To some viewers, this may look like nothing more than self-incriminating evidence, but the truth of the matter is that Infamy is one of the best hip-hop - related documentaries ever made.  Not only is it entertaining (listening to Earsnot say, "I'm Black.  I'm gay.  And I will fuck you up and then tag up on your face," was classic), it also makes you appreciate the murals that you see all over your hood and the effort and risk these artists take (from ducking cops to ducking rival crews) to show and prove that not all priceless art is found in museums.  It's on your corner, too.

Thur, 24 August, 2006

"Just Go" to be screened at San Diego Film Festival

We are thrilled to announce 1171 director Brian Thompson's MISDIRECTION music video "Just Go" will be screened at San Diego Film Festival.

The competitive five-day fest showcases more than 75 American and international feature, documentary, short films and music videos. The music video will be screening at the San Diego House of Blues, located at 1055 Fifth Avenue in downtown San Diego on Saturday, September 30th at 3 p.m. Eight music videos will be screened, followed by a Q&A session with the bands, and the video directors.

The website of SDFF: http://www.sdff.org/

Tue, 15 August, 2006

INFAMY to be shown at Scion Independent Film Festival

Infamy, an independent film co-produced by 1171 Production Group, Paladin Entertainment and QD3 Entertainment will be shown next week at Scion Independent Film Festival, Los Angeles, California.

Infamy is intense journey into the dangerous lives and obsessed minds of six of America's most prolific graffiti artists SABER, TOOMER. JASE, CLAW, EAARSNOT, and ENEM. With brutal honesty, humor and charisma, these artists reveal why they are so willing to risk everything to spray paint their cities with "tags", "throwups", and full-color murals. From the street of south Bronx to the solitude of San Francisco tunnel, INFAMY doesn't analyze or glorify graffiti, it takes you there and brings it to life.

The film is directed by acclaimed filmmaker Doug Pray ("Hype" and "Scratch") and will be on a national tour of 6 cities: Austin, TX; Minneapolis, MN; Atlanta, GA; Seattle, WA and New York, NY.

Date of screening:

Monday, August 21st 8PM - 11PM
Scion Installation LA
8553 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA

Tue, 27 June, 2006

Brian Thompson's "Misdirection" tops IFC.com chart

Set in the WW2 era Misdirection's "Just Go" takes us back in time. The video for "Just Go," by Misdirection was shot in Campo, CA at the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum. Although the video has explosions and action its really a sad love story. Director Brian Thompson and his crew combined the backdrop of the historic railway with scenes from the battlefield to create this unique and highly original video.

IFC is a popular online short film community and "Just Go" is on the top of IFC music video chart. The clip has been viewed by over a thousand internet surfers.

The video can be watched online at:


Mon, 29 May, 2006

1171 Signed new director

1171 is excited to announce that Brian Thompson is a part of our directing team! As a young director he is ambitious and is constantly thinking of new and unique ways to showcase his talent and use the resources that are available to the best of their ability. He has worked on Projects for bands as huge as Angels and Airwaves to smaller upcoming independent bands.

Brian Thompson's works can be watched at here.

Brian's website:

Tue. 28 March., 2006

Directed by Cousin Mike and produced by Alexander Moon, Lumidee shows off her new kicks in her recent video, " Dance!".   The video, which will be used to promote the FIFA World Cup 2006, includes a collection of World Cup clips along with snips of the international beloved movie, "Shaolin Soccer."  

PHOTO CAPTION: Producer Alexander Moon, Lumidee and Executive Producer Grant Cihlar

Tue. 28 Feb., 2006

"Infamy" to show at SXSW Festival
Following a successful ResFest world premiere, "Infamy" will shine again at South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival in Austin, Texas. The screening will take place on March 15th at 7:30 pm.

For more information, please visit http://2006.sxsw.com/film/screenings/film/F3017.html

In 1995, 1171 Production Group, Inc. won Best Music Video from SXSW for Atlantic Recording Artists' The Melvins on their video, "Lizzy." 1171 returns to SXSW this March with "Infamy," a feature length documentary film about graffiti culture as told through the experiences of six well-known graffiti writers and a graffiti buffer.




Mon. 19 Dec., 2005

Michael Kahn Makes Your Move!
Poisonous rattlesnakes, gorgeous women and a new Latin Hip Hop sensation: these are the three ingredients of our latest music video directed by Michael Kahn. The video for the debut single, “Make Your Move,” by the Generalz was shot at Showbiz Studios in Van Nuys, California. So when pestilent rattlesnakes, black scorpions, and gigantic vultures met pure temptation on stage, the scenery had to be completed by the Generalz blowing hip-hop performance. Director Michael Kahn and his crew combined intense background colors with a simple, sleek foreground to create a striking, pop-art club surrounding. A refreshing change to the flood of fussy hip-hop videos was the complete waiver of expensive cars. Needless to say: it will make you move!

Tue. 22 Nov., 2005


Just in time for the Holidays is the new Lifehouse DVD "Everything" which features the "Live in Portland" concert shot at the Roseland Theater. 1171 Production Group's Grant Cihlar produced the video, John Logsdon directed and Ryan Stober did the editing, along with a great crew to help pull it all together. Lifehouse put on an amazing show and their rabid fans set the tone.

Tue. 15 Nov., 2005

DEF LEPPARD's DVD release of their Greatest Video Hits

Def Leppard released the DVD "Rock of Ages" to showcase their music videos. The DVD includes "No Matter What," a video in which 1171 Production Group produced and 1171's John Logsdon was the director. It's a collection of their greatest video hits that any fan would love to throw in the DVD player and crank up the volume.

Wed. 19 Oct., 2005

New Video of T.A.T.U.

1171 Production Group is proud to announce t.A.T.u.'s new video "Friend Or Foe." The video was shot in the canyons just outside of L.A. where the 1960s Batman series and many Westerns were filmed.

Tue. 27 Sep., 2005

World Premier of "Infamy"

The world premiere of Infamy took place in New York City on September 17 in front of hundreds of people with all seven artists in attendance, and made it’s second stop in San Francisco this past weekend to an equally large and enthusiastic crowd. The Los Angeles screening will take place this Saturday, October 1 at 8:00 PM before it moves on to 32 other cities around the world.

Fri. 09 Sep., 2005

1171 director John Logsdon to create a documentary for Red Cross

Last week, 1171 Production Group director, John Logsdon, walked into the Santa Monica chapter of the Red Cross to volunteer help in any way he could for the Hurricane Katrina relief effort and have been in training to work for the Red Cross ever since.
The American Red Cross National Headquarters in D.C. has assigned him and three other filmmakers (including a friend of his who is a producer PJ Palmer, commercial director Matt Ogens and veteran TV director Charlie Haid) to go into the hardest hit areas of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, the Astrodome in Houston and other refugee camps through out the south. They will film, tape and photograph how Red Cross volunteers respond to the victims of the disaster, the human stories of devastation as well as the compassion. 1171 is proud to donate camera, lighting, and support equipment.
Photo Caption: 1171 Production Group owner Grant Cihlar and director John Logsdon


Mon. 29 Aug., 2005

INFAMY, directed by Doug Pray, to premiere at RESFEST

1171 Production Group, Paladin Entertainment, and QD3 Entertainment are proud to announce Infamy , a new feature-length documentary film shot and directed by Doug Pray. Infamy is an intense journey into the lives, minds, and families of seven individuals obsessed with graffiti. In one profile, cameras follow Los Angeles legend Saber by night as he dangles on the supports of a billboard hovering twenty stories up, and by day into the city's Museum of Natural History, where he has a large exhibition.

Director Doug Pray describes his subjects as "intensely passionate individuals, incredibly talented at destroying surfaces with spray paint, and they all dislike cameras - what more could you ask for in a subject?" The film will premiere as a part of RESfest 2005 and will be released by Image Entertainment in February 2006.

Tue. 26 Jul., 2005

1171 is all about t.A.T.u.

The Cold War is over, but American pop music is on the receiving end of a new Russian invasion. 1171 Production Group, with director James Cox and famed producer Billy Parks, along with two of the most gorgeous, and controversial, stars east of the Atlantic—Julia and Lena, better known as t.A.T.u.—have teamed up for the production of the music videos for their lead single from their second album: “All About Us.” In the back alleys and the clubs, the latest elaborate production for these two sirens shows them to be on the top of their game, and edgy as ever.

Mon. 25 Jul., 2005

Another video for T.A.T.U

1171 is excited to announce their third video with T.A.T.U, "Dangerous and Moving."

Photo caption: t.A.T.u's Lena and Julia with 1171 Production Group, Inc. Executive Producer, Nancy Cihlar

Wed. 20 Jul., 2005

Eminem & Trick Trick Welcome 1171 to Detroit

Underground Detroit rap legend Trick Trick is emerging from the shadows, with his major label debut still being hotly contested, 1171 Production Group caught up with this veteran, and the man who put Detroit's hip hop scene on the map: Eminem. The video for Trick Trick's latest single: "Welcome 2 Detroit," was filmed on location at a club in the Motor City. The dim, gritty underground stage was packed with fans as Eminem spit some of his most intense rhymes in years, and the gravelly-voiced Trick Trick thundered in with the flows of a man that doesn't know the streets, he lives them. Eminem's back-handed welcome/warning of a chorus had the spot jumpin' after his opening lines left the crowd beggin' for more. The collaboration between the two big dogs of Detroit, one still largely unknown, and the other only unknown to those hiding under rocks, was the jump off, and Trick Trick's career looks sure to follow.


Fri. 08 Jul., 2005

Guard your ATM, 1171's at the Bellagio

1171 Production Group is excited (maybe a little TOO excited), to announce they've been to Vegas. This time, instead of a wife, they'reteaming up with The Light Group and producer Billy Parks for the
production of "A Night in Vegas," highlighting Fix, Caramel, and Light--a restaurant, bar, and club at the illustrious Bellagio. In it, a handsome young man out on the town who has the meal and then the time of his life, who meets a beautiful woman with designs to make sure this isn't the last...The slick-looking commercial looks and feels more like a movie
trailer, and if it doesn't have you checking flight times you'll probably want to check your pulse. Executive Producers Nancy Cihlar and Grant Cihlar steadfastly deny any rumors that they were the inspiration behind the story of the commercial.


Sat. 02 Jul., 2005

CJ breaks onto the R&B scene with 1171

1171 Production Group is excited to introduce a sizzling new young crooner, CJ (Capitol Records), with a pair of intimate in-studio performance videos "Too Young to Know" and "Just for One Night" establish this handsome, multi-talented singer as a voice and a face to be reckoned with as he handles himself at piano and the mic with the assuredness of an old hand, and fresh spark of the teenager he is. Just sixteen years old, his rich voice and good looks, captured here by director Lex Sidon and cinematographer Jarron Presant, will be melting hearts young and old in no time. Cary Heckman produced, with Nancy Cihlar and Grant Cihlar as executive producers.

Thu. 30 Jun., 2005

Lifehouse alive and rocking in Oregon with 1171

It's been a couple years, but the well-worn wait is over, and finds the boys from Lifehouse back, better than ever. With a critically-lauded album of fresh material, including the hit single "You and Me," Lifehouse is on tour... and at their Portland, OR show, director John Logsdon and 1171 Production Group captured their dynamic performance for a live DVD to be released later this year. With an emotionally arresting, and eclectic, set of hard-rocking numbers and lushly harmonic ballads, singer-songwriter Jason Wade and his newly-assembled back crew put on a show that practically brought the house down. Produced by Grant Cihlar, who also executive produced along with Nancy Cihlar, the concert illustrates the band at its height, leaving only the question of where they will go from here.

Thu. 23 Jun., 2005

Someday is today

1171 Production Group is proud to announce the release of the innovative video for the debut single from Flipsyde. Director James Cox weaves a powerful vision of dreams fulfilled and lost around an intense roof-top performance. As Flipsyde deftly melds hip-hop—Piper’s consummate MC skills, and rock—Steve soulful crooning, tied together with Dave Lopez’Latin-influenced guitar work and D Sharps deft touch on the turntables, so does James Cox’s bittersweet tales of hope combine to provide the perfect visual counterpart to the song. Produced by Billy Parks with cinematographyfrom Michael Grady, under executive producers Grant Cihlar and Nancy Cihlar. James Cox is represented by Independent Media for commercials.

photo by: Marla Aufmuth


Mon. 20 Jun., 2005

Rize up with Flii Stylz and 1171

Hot on the heels of the recently released documentary "Rize," comes the video for the lead single: "Rize/Battlezone." Shot entirely on the streets of South Central, at the corner of Florence and Normandie, with the neighborhood coming out in full support, Michael Kahn's latest video for 1171 Production Group introduces Flii Stylz, the MC responsible for most of the tracks on the album, as he confronts us and the camera head on, spreading the word. And the word is krump. And it is good. Tommy the Clown is on hand with his krumping, clowning, face-painted dancers, the stars of the film, who battle it out in a flurry of frenzied movement in the video's conclusion. Nancy Cihlar and Grant Cihlar spearheaded this production, along with producer Jacquie Frisco, and Sabrina Kahn, production supervisor, which went from pitch to reality in four days. Hats off to director Michael Kahn, who went above and beyond to bring this music and movement such a dynamic visual experience.


Sat. 18 Jun., 2005

Olivia Twists It with 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, and 1171

Olivia, the newest member of the G-Unit crew, drops her latest single “Twist It” featuring Lloyd Banks and 1171 Production Group. 1171 is proud to announce its collaboration with 50 Cent on his directorial debut in bringing song to the screen. On a lavish set, Lloyd Banks introduces the hot new siren as she flosses and dances with her girls and her whips, with a cameos by............and 50 Cent himself. Over a beat that’s as inviting as the lyrics to drop it low and swing it around (and get a bit naked), director of photography Michael Bernard and 50 indulge a visual orgy as G-Unit explores its new feminine side. Nancy Cihlar and Grant Cihlar are executive producers, Billy Parks as producer and Randy Sosin is the commissioner. Michael Kahn is AD.


Fri. 10 Jun., 2005

Def Leppard Returns

Def Leppard returns with the definitive compilation of their works, and a new single: “No Matter What,” the video for which 1171 Production Group and John Logsdon are proud to present. An intimate portrait of the band in their rehearsal space, the video captures the band's tell-tale stage presence while showing off a side rarely seen in the public eye. Aaron White's cinematography captures the energy in segments both black and white and color. Kirstin Logsdon produced, Nancy Cihlar and Grant Cihlar were executive producers.

Thu. 19 May., 2005

MXPX “Heard that Sound”

1171 Production Group and Director Mike Kaminsky teamed up to make the much anticipated video “Heard that Sound” by MXPX. Fans from all over crammed into a loft in downtown Los Angeles to take part in the first music video of their new album “Panic.” The video captures MXPX’s amazing energy as they rocked out for their fans, who are equally as energetic and excited, as you can see pictured

Mon. 16 May., 2005

1171 drives Shortbus with "California Grace"

Director Cary Heckman of 1171 Production Group/ MNJ Productions recently directed the first video off LB SHORTBUS’ debut album "Flying Ship of Fantasy." The Long Beach alternative rock band SHORTBUS, is comprised of former members from Sublime, Long Beach Dub All Stars and Capitol Eye.

"Ever wonder why everyone who gets off a SHORTBUS has a smile on their face?" Director Heckman teaches us why. This video features the band performing on a
yellow shortbus on their rock-n-roll road trip to the beach. The golden feel of the southern California coast, beautiful girls, and good times surround the SHORTBUS performance.

The executive producers were Nancy Cihlar and Grant Cihlar of 1171 Production Group. Geoff Clark and Jeremy McCormick of Middle Names James Productions
produced the video. The DP was Craig Barker.


Mon. 28 Mar., 2005

Abdul Directs rapper Patmoe's 1st video!

Director Abdul Malik Abbott of 1171 Production Group has just completed
production on rapper PATMOE's first solo video for the single "Reprezent
Yo' Hood". The "Dirty South" rapper's video was filmed at "Lacy Studios" in LA, CA by DP Pedro Castro. The performance driven video blends several hip-hop genres into one look, giving Patmoe a pimped out, in-your-face, grimy, street-flavored music video. Pablo Cornejo of PC Casting brought in a bevy of hip-hop beauties as well as ex-gang members to be extras to represent the several crews that Patmoe shouts out on the track.

Tue. 22 Mar., 2005

Director John Logsdon on board with 1171 Production Group

The 1171 Production Group welcomes director John Logsdon on board to work on upcoming projects soon! John Logsdon has directed music videos including Kaleo´s “Save The World” and Truman´s “Morning Light”. He also directed MTV´s “Making the video” for Puddle Of Mudd and Weezer as well as a national ad campaign for Ashlee Simpson.
Other artist on his credit list include Deftones, Sugar Ray, Lil Kim and Stone Temple Pilots.

Tue. 15 Mar., 2005

3rd Video for 3rd Wish

After producing two successful videos for 3rd Wish (“Obsession” and “Nina”) for the European market, 1171 Production Group is thrilled to announce the 3rd video for the group entitled “I am,” to be aired soon!
“I am” and “Nina” were both directed by Abdul Malik Abbott and both
featured a performance by rapper PatMoe.

Thu. 03 Mar., 2005

Strapping Young Lad's Music Video!

1171 Production Group and director Joe Lynch teamed up to put together Strapping Young Lad’s music video “LOVE”. Set in a dilapidated house brimming with decay and simmering with spookiness, the members of Strapping Young Lad rock out as evil! The video is an unabashed “ love letter” to the early works of Sam Rami and the Evil Dead series. The video pulls off its Evil Dead appeal with Extreme camerawork, fast paced shots and of course the shadow-infested cabin looming with smoke and decay. Thanks everyone for all the hard work!

Wed. 16 Feb., 2005

Bleed the Sky Rocks Out!

After a day of being on set with these guys EARS ARE RINGING! Bleed the Sky, with their remarkable attitudes and optimistic energy, rocked out their video in less than eight hours Sunday! Working hand in hand with Director Joe Lynch, the band and crew pulled together an amazing amount of liveliness and well …. sweat. Their song “Minion” motivated this amazing video appearance. While band members were head banging their lives away, DP Damien Acevedo weaved in and out of the band on stage. The mood of the video really captured the intensity of the band members themselves, as well as their music. A white stage and bright lights mixed up with the dark and festering music brought out an interesting contrast and tone to the video. After a long days work and wrapping up with minutes to spare, everyone walked away happy thanks to the successful operations of producer, Katie Kennedy!

To view Pictures of the Shoot Please visit :


Fri. 04 Feb., 2005

Congratulations Rise Against and Taking Back Sunday!

Two 1171 Production Group videos have made the top 30 list on MTV2 this past month! We're very proud to announce that Rise Against's video "Give It All" has made the top 30 most played videos list and only after being aired for 17 weeks. Likewise, Taking Back Sunday "This Photograph is Proof( I know You Know)" has also made the list and only after 6 weeks! Congratulations to everyone involved in these productions and of course to the Bands themselves!


Wed. 26 Jan., 2005

No Fear After Shooting with Fear Before...

1171 Production Group teamed up with Mike Kaminsky in the production of Fear Before the March of Flames' first music video entitled “Should Have Stayed on the Shallows” from the album Art Damage published by Equal Vision Records. Producer-director Mike Kaminsky - who also acts as the band’s manager- and the crew was able to cope well with the challenge of shooting in a dark basement in Downtown LA after midnight Saturday.
The final shots of the video show the band in a bloody rain and characterize the mood of the video. Hence, after the sixteen hours shoot the basement appeared to be a sight of a massacre. This video has a good chance to be a great introduction of the band, according to fan’s remarks that appeared on the band’s website just moments after uploading pictures of the shoot.
(www.marchofflames.com; www.livejournal.com/community/march_of_flames/315418.html?#cutid1).


Tue. 11 Jan., 2005

On the road again! Navman Pocket-Sized Street Navigator!

1171 Production Group is excited to announce the production of Navman’s new promotional video which was presented in Las Vegas at the 2005 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The video was shot in Los Angeles and was directed by Michael Mihail. It features The Navigator iCN 510, iCN 635 and iCN 650 as a convenient and powerful car and personal navigation solution. Four short viniettes show people driving around town hassle free and shows how people of all ages can travel worry-free with the use of the Navman systems.


Thu. 23 Dec., 2004

1171 Former Intern's Film at Sundance

1171 proudly congratulates its former intern, Imelda Graces, for her film High School Record, which was recently selected to be screened in the American Spectrum category of the 2005 Sundance Film Festival. The movie was written and directed by Ben Wolfinsohn and was based on his own high school experiences in a painfully funny exploration of the teenage mind. The film follows four awkward 17-year-olds as they struggle through their senior year. Congratulations Imelda!


Thu. 09 Dec., 2004

Video Channels have "GONE MAD" for Handsome Boy Modeling School!!!

VH1.com has named Handsom Boys Modeling School a "YOU OUGHTA KNOW" artist for January. What`s more HBMS`s music video "The World's Gone Mad" directed by Lex Sidon, produced by 1171 was on MTV2. The outstanding video is now in the race for being the "MOST WANTED" at mtv2europe.com (http://www.mtv2europe.com/mtv2europe.com/nmeChart.jhtml).


Wed. 08 Dec., 2004

Abdul Co-Chair of DGA's E&A Committee

Abdul Malik Abbott has just been appointed the prestigious position as co-chair of the Events & Activities Committee for the DGA's African-American Steering Committee. (Photo taken at a recent event in front of his portrait in the DGA West Lobby.)

Tue. 07 Dec., 2004

PSA Worth a Half-Million Dollars

1171 co-produced a PSA in February of 2003 with D-Vision from Beverly Hills for the children of The Boys and Girls Club. The PSA, which was directed by Romel Bowens and produced by Chris Frank, portrays the mission of The Boys & Girls Club, which is to inspire and enable all young people, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances, to realize their full potential as productive and responsible citizens. Lisa Vidall, star of Woody Allen’s Mighty Aphrodite and NBC’s ER, guest-starred in the PSA and expressed the importance of this successful and creditable organization. This PSA proved to be powerful, for since the PSA first aired The Boys and Girls Club have raised $500,000 towards their cause.


Tue. 07 Dec., 2004

Joe Lynch`s Video Nominated for MTV Best 25 of 2004

1171 proudly announces that Joe Lynch's (pictured with his dog) music video "As I Slither," by Kataklysm has been nominated for MTV’s Headbangers Ball Best of 2004. The video took place on August 31 in Las Vegas, where the Canadian death metallers performed as part of the Las Vegas Megafest. You can cast your vote for Lynch’s great video on the website of MTV2 (http://www.mtv.com/onair/mtv2/headbangers_ball/best_of_2004/).


Fri. 03 Dec., 2004

Party with Handsome Boys (and Girls)

1171 Production Group recently had the opportunity to catch up with band members of Handsome Boy Modeling School after the sucessful completion of their music video "World Gone Mad." The band invited 1171 to the release party for their new album "White People." The party was sponsored by Nike and Spin Magazine, and was held at the trendy BLU House in Venice, on Tuesday, November 9th. The new faces of 1171, pictured here (Balint, Anja and Jared), enjoyed the band's hospitality and took advantage of the party to unwind and have fun.


Wed. 01 Dec., 2004

Graffiti Kings are in the Home Stretch

1171 is happy to announce that our new documentary Graffiti Kings, directed by Doug Pray, has just finished shooting principle photography. The documentary focuses on five main graffiti artists and was shot in the great cities of New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as a trip down to Mexico. To the right you can see Doug Pray and executive producer Grant Cihlar discussing the conclusion and the release of the documentary scheduled for the middle of next year.


Mon. 22 Nov., 2004

Escape to the Underground

“Give It All,” the new music video for Rise Against (Geffen Records), is produced by 1171 Production Group. The director is James Cox, who is represented by Independent Media, is known for his broadly celebrated feature films Wonderland and Highway among others. Cox and Rise Against created a refreshingly energetic piece that is able to effectively balance music and politics while still keeping a sense of humor.
The crew filmed on diverse locations, such as the L-Train, the Lincoln Park Zoo and the streets during a two-night shoot in Chicago. The video refers to society and human imprisonment and the need to rebel and escape with pictures of a caged lion, the defacement of a billboard and people in an office. The result is an inspiring mixture of images and ideas in a video that Gives It All while it Rises Against!


Fri. 19 Nov., 2004

Shooting round the Clock

1171 became part of the new Toyota campaign with a twenty-four hour shoot in Los Angeles on Tuesday. The spot will show a time lapse of a full day on a Los Angeles street and was directed by one of Japan’s creative talents Koichiro Mikuriya. Pictured is Koichi-san watching the sunset from the 1171 office.

Fri. 19 Nov., 2004

Pre-production on the Carpet

Nancy and Michael Rooney are gaining some momentum for a new music video on the red carpet of 1171 office.

Thu. 18 Nov., 2004

Joe Lynch, VeXt and a lot of improvisation

1171 Production Group is pleased to announce the release of the new music video for VEXT, which will begin airing soon in all rock markets. With the aid
of director “Dr.”Joe Lynch, the new video for hardcore quartet VeXt has a visual intensity that matches their hybrid sound. The video was lensed on the (in)famous Coney Island boardwalk in Brooklyn, surrounding the band in local flavor in order to “make the location as important to the piece as the energy released by the band, take after take.” Joe explains. Winner of the “Filmmaker of the Year ” in the Village Voice (Best of Long Island edition, 1999) for his horror shorts mAHABRA” and “hiBeams,” Joe is known for his morbid, devious, and sense of humor. Joe concludes, “I like good improv, its about making the best of whatever is thrown at you, and all the roadblocks thrown at us really fueled our fire and kept things fun, creative and energetic.” (If you are interested in the latest press release, please go to:


Wed. 17 Nov., 2004

We have a 3rd Wish

After the amazing success of their first single “Obsesion” the 3rd Wish from Orlando is coming out with its new music video “Niña” with Rapper PatMoe
directed by Abdul Malik Abbott and produced again by 1171. The new single and the music video released early November is well on the way to be as successful as the previous which one became top 5 in German Single Charts, since it is in Top 10 on UK music video charts now.


Mon. 15 Nov., 2004

This Music Video is Proof

1171 Production Group is proud to introduce the new music video of Taking Back Sunday`s song “This Photograph is Proof (I Know You Know)” directed by none other than Tom DeLonge of Blink 182. Tom has already proved his talent on many fields, like being singer and guitarist or even a political activist, and now he starts his next carreer as a music video director.
The video was shot on a Los Angeles sound stage during the Taking Back Sunday's North American tour.
On their Web site, Taking Back Sunday wrote that "We spent a very hectic 48 hours flying from Dallas to L.A. back to Nashville to shoot our next video with our good friend Thomas DeLonge. He had a great visual concept and was a very enthusiastic, focused and attentive first-time director.”
While this was Toms first time cut as a director, he is so creative with his ideas, and so precise with his planning, he has created a video that is truly amazing.
The video will be ready to broadcast sometime in late November.


Fri. 08 Oct., 2004

Michael Rooney's Music Video Nominated!

Michael Rooney’s music video “Crazy” for Belgian artist Leki (of Mostiko/ CNR Records), produced by 1171 Production Group, has been nominated fora MTV Belgium best video Award. The video is both visually and acoustically inspiring, boasting innovative choreography, rhythm driven editing, and catchy lyrics; and is well deserving of its nomination.


Sun. 26 Sep., 2004

Not Very Vague

1171 Production Group is excited to announce that Orgy’s new music video for “Vague” has been a smashing success. “Vague” is currently #1 on the charts for Rock/Alternative Music Videos according to CVC reports.

1171 is very proud of the success that the outstanding video for “Vague” has achieved. “Vague” expresses feelings of despondency clearly and succinctly, and the video exudes a sense of urgency and edgy stylized chaos. Overall it effortlessly captures the essence of heavy metal while providing it with fresh and striking visuals, which are anything but vague.


Fri. 24 Sep., 2004

Beautifully Dismal

1171 Production Group is excited to announce the production of Big Dismal’s new music video “Rainy Day.” The video was shot in Los Angeles and it was directed by the Media Assembly. It features rainy scenes and simple elegant visuals. Big Dismal features Barry Fink as the producer. Big Dismal is represented by Windup Records, Jason Valen is the Record Label Commissioner.


Fri. 24 Sep., 2004

World Gone Handsome

Handsome Boy Modeling School’s newest music video combines new and old footage in order to create a stimulating and engaging commentary on a “World Gone Mad.” 1171 Production Group is excited to announce the production of such a well-conceived and humorous video. The video was produced by Justin Cronkite and directed by Lex Sidon.

The video mocks high society, taking place at a Modeling Show, and juxtaposing caricaturized images of high fashion and lyrics that repeatedly ask, “Where is the love?” The video is highly entertaining, never taking itself too seriously, and always finding time to look in the mirror.


Wed. 04 Aug., 2004

Joe Lynch IS the Devil

1171 is excited to announce that director Dr. Joe Lynch is creating yet another amazing video in the form of Devildriver’s “Nothing’s Wrong.” The video takes place in the band’s rehearsal space in Santa Barbara, chosen “to simply capture the band in their element…purely letting the music take over.” The video features an energetic atmosphere that is complemented by festive lighting; Joe’s patented epilepti-cam™, and includes almost 600 different camera angles. Paired with Heavy Metal band Devildriver’s intense and explosive sound, this music video gets everything right.


Tue. 06 Jul., 2004

We Got Andy Dick!

1171 is excited to announce that Andy Dick, of The Andy Dick Show, will be
joining our directing team! Andy Dick, who is widely known for his hilarious comedy routines, is also a well-seasoned director, and has directed on many of his own projects, including The Andy Dick Show. His work includes such sketches as “Daphne Aguilera” in which he plays Cristina Aguilera’s “cousin,” as well as numerous other adventurous and hilarious works.


Mon. 28 Jun., 2004

ORGY - "Vague"

1171 Productions Group recently finished shooting footage for a music video of "Vague" by the Heavy Metal Band Orgy. The director, Michael Sarna, who has worked with artists such as Smashmouth, Counting Crows, Anthrax, Blink 182, and 50 Cent, helped create an intense atmosphere that complements the band's powerful lyrics. The video features a rainy setting and striking visuals. It was produced by Alex Moon, and the executive producer was Grant Cihlar.


Sat. 12 Jun., 2004

"Crazy" and "Give me the Mic"

Artists Leki and Kaye Styles, represented by the same record company in Belgium, arrived in Los Angeles last week to shoot their new music videos. Both videos were directed by Michael Rooney and produced by Alex Moon.

Tue. 01 Jun., 2004

3rd Wish Video

Just a week before Leki and Kaye Styles videos, Executive Producers Grant Cihlar and Nancy Cihlar traveled to the beautiful Miami for a music video production with 3rd Wish. Directed by Cousin Mike, this multihued and vibrant video featured Baby-Bash and German pop star- Vany. The video was shot in Little Havannah and was produced by Justin Cronkite with the cinematography of Pedro Castro.

From left: Director, Cousin Mike; Executive Producer Grant Cihlar; 3rd wish, Justin and Ricki; Executive Producer, Nancy Cihlar; and 3rd wish, Alex.

Sun. 30 May., 2004

Executive Producer, Grant Cihlar, in Germany

1171's Grant Cihlar with Skreem Records VP Tony Harrison, Shereen and Baby Bash are pictured at Studio 301 in Cologne, Germany. Cihlar produced the video of the Rap segment in Germany to be included in 3rd Wish's
"Obsession" shot in Miami, FL directed by Cousin Mike.

Mon. 03 May., 2004

1171 in the house at NARAS

1171 owners Grant and Nancy Cihlar, along with Justin Cronkite mix it up at the NARAS event held at Skybar.


Fri. 09 Apr., 2004

1171's Abbott Directs #1 Video in Belgium

Abdul Malik Abbott has just finished directing a music video for the Belgium-based artist "Leki" aka Karoline Kamosi. The name of the track is "Breakin Out" from the album of the same name.

The song "Breakin Out" is a hip hop/dance track. The performance driven video was edited by Abdul as well. The video was Produced by Mary Church and shot by Sergio Arguello at Solar Studios in Glendale, CA.

The video has been voted number one on MTV Belgium (TMF) and the song has entered the top 20 on the charts.


Fri. 19 Mar., 2004

Killswitch Engage's "Rose of Sharyn"

The video is set in the stark devastation of the California's wildfires of last fall. In addition to band performance, grafitti carved into the surrounding dead trees highlights key lyrics in the piece and they come alive, oozing blood.

The clip was Directed by Lex Halaby, Executive Produced by Nancy Cihlar, Produced by Justin Cronkite, DP Brett Juskalian and comissioned by Lynda Kusnetz of Roadrunner Records.


Fri. 27 Feb., 2004

Stop Music Piracy!

1171 has produced a new anti-piracy PSA for Universal/Motown Records. The spot was directed by Cousin Mike and presented to the RIAA by Universal President Monte Lipman. Look for the new campaign soon!

Mon. 09 Feb., 2004

50 Cent & G-Unit break out!

We recently produced a short spot for the British Music Awards featuring 50 Cent and G-Unit. The piece features them being interrogated by British intelligence and then killing the lights and breaking out. The spot ran as an introduction to their live performance at the Awards where 50 took home the prize for "Best International Breakthrough Artist."

Wed. 31 Dec., 2003

Birthday bash for Scott Ian of Anthrax at the House of Blues

A good start for the year 2004 was celebrated at House of Blues, Los Angeles. It was the birthday of Anthrax' guitarist Scott Ian pictured with director, Michael Sarna, with music provided by David Lee Roth.

Photo caption: Scary Ale with Anthrax

  Fri. 24 Oct., 2003

Salute to Excellence "Barry Mayo"

Pat Prescott interviews Kashif on location in Stevie Wonder's Wonderland Studios for Pat's "Salute to Excellence" honoring Barry Mayo.


Fri. 03 Oct., 2003

Celine Dion in Las Vegas

Shoot for the new Celine Dion video "Je T'aime Encore" in Las Vegas. This was a part for the whole clip that was shot all over the world.

Thu. 11 Sep., 2003

The Starting Line- "Leaving"

Shoot for the music video "Leaving" from "The Starting Line" at the Union Station in Los Angeles. This video was sponsored by MTV after the band won the New-Comer prize. Directed by Steve Orrit and produced by Barry Fink.

  Tue. 09 Sep., 2003

Smash Mouth hits the beach with: "You are my #1"

1171 Production Group's most recent achievement was Smash Mouth's music video for their new single "You are my #1." This was a one day shoot on June 24, 2003 that involved a lot of good-looking beach girls sporting bikinis, a muscle man, a midget and an air compression sand explosion on Santa Monica beach. The shooting was wrapped up after the sun went down as Smash Mouth played on the sand to a crowd of enthusiastic friends and with the Santa Monica pier lit in the background. British rapper Rankin Roger flew in from London to do a cameo in the video.


Sun. 01 Jun., 2003

t.A.T.u 's "Show Me Love"

1171 is proud to work with t.A.T.u's new video "Show Me Love."
Photo caption: Elena and Julia (w/ 1171 shirt) at the airport.

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